Our products are plans and technical documentation for machines and equipment in metallurgy and general engineering, based on client’s technology. In cooperation with our partners, we can also carry out the entire engineering, from design to trial start-up.

We produce studies according to the client’s requirements and carry out the nostrification of plans.

2D drawings are made with AutoCAD. For 3D models and drawings we use Solid Edge, Inventor or Creo. 3D piping models and drawings are made with SMAP. For strength, static and temperature calculations we use ANSYS and for calculation of machine parts especially gears KISSsoft program.

We design

  • Mill stand plants for plates, sheet metal and sections
  • Coilers and Pay-off reels for the sheet metal
  • Saws for cutting sections of larger dimensions
  • Cooling lines for long products
  • Lines and line assemblies for longitudinal and cross cutting of plates and sheet metal (shears, levellers, pay-off reels, roller tables, side cut)
  • Components for continuous casting plants (ladle turret, tundish car, mould with oscillator, bender, segments, roller tables and piping engineering for this components)
  • Furnaces in the rolling process
  • Media supply for various lines and components (hydraulic, compressed air, cooling water, lubrication etc.)